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I n      m  e  m  o  r  y      o  f

Dmitry Tyulpanov | Born in Leningrad, USSR (St. Petersburg, Russia), 1966.

Studied stone carving at the Leningrad Crafts School, and acting and music at the Leningrad University School. 

After graduating, he was drafted into the Red Army band as a trumpet player.

In 1988, using the experience and some new skills one could only learn in the Red Army, Dmitry joined the rock group Avia. The founders of the group later formed the theater group Derevo, led by Anton Adasinski.

Dmitry worked with Derevo until 1995, performing in numerous European festivals and venues.

As a group member of Derevo he created his first full-length performance. 

Dmitry began his artistic collaboration with Idit Herman in 1994.

In addition to creating and performing, Dmitry wrote the music and created the soundtracks for most of Clipa Theater's productions.

He invented, designed and built the sets, props and special devices for all of the group's performances.

Dimitry passed away on February 2015, during Clipa's tour in India.

1966 - 2015

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